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A chest infection can be serious for those who are very young or very old or the chronically ill, who may need to spend time in hospital.This may need to be sooner if you are having breathing difficulties such as feeling breathless or breathing very fast or hard (laboured). I just hope ill get better soon ( i dont want to be ill for much longer, told that he would turn a corner in 3 days with antibios, which did if you have bacterial chest infection, should start feel 24 48 hours after starting on antibiotics. What is generally termed a chest infection takes one of two forms. To the patient, these mayAcute bronchitis often causes headaches and a sense of feeling generally unwell.up clear to yellowish phlegm, flu-like symptoms can be present, not being very ill nor short of breath, it usually is (acute) It felt as though an elephant was in my chest, trying to escape through a violent cough. Im sure you get the picture. I was ill, very ill.But for me, its just a means to recover more rapidly. What the heck was that awful chest infection? Im thinking my chest infection started out with a minor case of you feel confused, disorientated or drowsy. you have chest pain or difficulty breathing. you cough up blood or blood-stained phlegm.youre very overweight and have difficulty breathing. you think a child under five has a chest infection. Chest infections are very common, especially in autumn and winter. Chest infections can be serious and need urgent treatment.If you feel very unwell then you should see a doctor urgently to see what treatment you need. Sir Bruce Forsyth has spent five nights in intensive care after suffering from a severe chest infection.A friend of the former Strictly Come Dancing host said: "Bruce came down with an infection last weekend, and it rapidly escalated into something very, very serious. You might get an infection that makes you ill if these organisms get into your body and your immune system cant fight them off immediately.Pneumococcal pneumonia is a chest infection caused by a type of strep, especially in people who have had theirFlu is an infection caused by viruses. It is very infectious.When you have flu you feel unwell more quickly than with a cold.

Flu often causes Ive known many people fall ill with chest infections and its completely knocked them out for a while. I can now understand why. It is exceptionally tiring and Ive been left feeling very drained indeed. Recurrence sinus infection. Very bad taste in my mouth , feeling tired but anxious at the same time I suffer Anxiety and PTSD as it is not a good drug to take would not recommend this Antibiotic.Just about cleared my chest but now I feel ill with anxiety. getting rid of chest infection becasue everythink i have tried has not helped. thanking you very much yours sincerely polly.I am sorry for your situation and the ill treatment that you have been subjected too, But without antibiotics its difficult to treat your condition. Before you imagine the worst-case scenario, learn the various explanations of bubbling in chest to see if your situation is cause for concern.

Chest Infection: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments.Bubble Feeling in Chest Left Side, enki Very Well https Sir Ken Dodd, 90, is tickled pink as he leaves hospital six weeks after falling ill with a chest infection and pays tribute to the wonderful NHS staff who treatedHe said it felt wonderful to return home and he praised the NHS staff there. He is expected to be welcomed back to his Knotty Ash home very soon. 52 - I have chest infection and virus i feel so tired? 18 - My questions is why do i feel like my whole body feels lke jello feel very weak and i almost passed out dr said i have viral infection would that cau? Chesty cough? Some symptoms could actually indicate youve actually got a chest infection.If you experience the following symptoms visit your GP: You feel very unwell or your symptoms get worse. You cough up blood or blood-stained mucus. For other types of chest infections, the recovery is more gradual. You may feel weak for some time and need a longer period of bed rest.It can cause damage to the lungs and make people very ill Sarcoidosis. See a GP if you have a chest infection and: you feel very unwell or your symptoms get worse. you cough up blood or blood-stained mucus. youve had a cough for more than 3 weeks. Feeling very tired. A rapid heartbeat. A cold - often called an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) - usually starts with a combination of blocked and/or runny noseThey include: If a fever, wheezing or headache becomes worse or severe. If you develop fast breathing, shortness of breath, or chest pains. Chest infections are very common, especially during autumn and winter, or after a cold or flu.The main symptoms of a chest infection are: A chesty cough.You have a sharp pain in your chest that gets worse as you breathe in. What kind of treatment do I need for a chest infection? Since chest infections can vary in severity, treatment is largely about how ill you are.Warning signs for people with chest infections: frequently recurring or persisting chest symptoms. feeling very unwell. The adverse side effect that is very uncommon but bad is aseptic necrosis of the hip (decreased blood supply).Why sob feels better in morning but at night worse. Had chest infection saw doc.

2 weeks still same except lesser green mucus. hi,,ive had a chest infection/sinus/throat infection same time every year for the past 5 years, this time its worse and after a month is still lingering, hadI have had the same problem as well at the moment I am on antibiotics to prevent a chest infection as I am coughing up yellow phlegm and feel very Do lungs crackle with a chest infection. DD has health issues and is on prophaltic antibiotics anyway so am concerned she has picked this up.Both crackle. Not sure about a chest infectin. I had bacterial pnuemonia last year and felt very ill very quickly. I was very ill with pneumonia. After beating this I was ill literally for 6 months with repeated bronchitis, chest infections, etc. Hi again Mac I fully understand your fears about taking the steroids, I went through same feelings when Doc first suggested them for my son, I was extremely Now have a chest infection, I don t feel I ll just lost my voice, very sore throat tight Suggest treatment for chest infection.I have finished both but my symptoms have changed and gotten worse. My chest is congested and I epidemic. Pneumonia is a chest disease, which makes breathing very difficult. Human body. hair.to fall ill / be taken ill. to suffer from.allergy. catarrh. chest infection. pneumonia. asthma. Sir Ken told the Press Association: What a wonderful day to be going home, but I have to say in all sincerity that I have been so very, well-treated and I cant praise the staff at the hospital too highly.He does have a chest infection and is being monitored for that. fever, cough and feeling generally unwell. chest pain. cough lasting more than three weeks.Although most are mild and get better on their own, some cases can be very serious, even life-threatening. The main symptoms of a chest infection are Hello, Feeling pretty unwell at the moment but just wanting to know what you guys do when you feel really ill? in my case I have a bad chest infection and cough constantlyI am very aware that I am having a little pity party and feeling sorry for myself, which is the wrong way to go about being really ill. i am being treated for my 5th chest infection since xmas and have been given 500mg twice a day, but am feeling so very ill from them , am i taking too much. I fell very ill with the flu and as the days ticked past my symptoms were getting worse, and I spent a week in bed. As the flu passed an infection settled in and I had many of the chest infection signs. Fever, chest pain, coughing phlegm, feeling disoriented, and headaches. I feel heavy chest congestion in cold and normal seasons feel very difficult taking breaths at the time eveningI have flu and blocked nose and chest infection problem dr said this is elergy ,now I feel shortin chest with wheezing sound situation is worst in night while sleeping but feels better while After a few hours I feel very weak and tired and my temperature goes sky high.However since I found Nutri O2, I have found that I am far less prone to getting chest infection and being ill over the winter period! Hi Ive been allergic too penicillin and antibiotics for years on Thursdays started with chest infection rang doctors he said I would be OK on doxycycline Ive took 5 pills of far never felt that Ill had a constant really bad headacheI have a very painful chest infection that bothers me quite a lot. infection was still there but also recommended for blood tests with GP 18th December - Feeling worse.Prescribed 2 months of Ranitidine in the meantime 26th January - Chest pain worsend and palpitations so attended AE. Had 2 abnormal ECGs. Keeping the sick person clean can prevent infection and help her feel emotionally healthy.If she is losing weight, has a persistent fever, and chest pain, a chronic. chest infection such asThe very ill woman may need someone to help arrange for that person to spend time with her. Over the last 2 days I have been Ill With flu or cold like symptoms. My symptoms are: A nearly constant cough coming from the chesty area A very blocked and stuffy nose Every time i cough I get a pain at thego see a doctor you could have a cold or chest infection its a good idea to go in. Cant be certain its a chest infection but feels very similar to last one as I said. Will try to get to walk-in centre tomorrow and see what they say.It may have started as viral but if still getting worse you could now have a bacterial infection on top of it. What causes chest infections? A chest infection is an infection of the lungs or airways. The main types of chest infection are bronchitis and pneumonia.You should see your GP if: you feel very unwell or your symptoms are severe. your symptoms are not improving after a allowing a reasonable However, sepsis can set in rapidly (even when symptoms appear minor), or develop after several days spent coping with a routine skin, urinary or chest infection or surgical operation.You may suddenly feel very ill, or even feel that you may be dying. It does not usually make you feel very ill but the chest pain can be quite severe. Examples of viral infections known to cause pleurisy include influenza (flu), Epstein-Barr virus, Parainfluenza (this causes croup in children) and CMV (cytomegalovirus). Stephen Hawking, the acclaimed British mathematician and physicist, is currently being treated at an English hospital for a serious illness. Chest congestion is a very common condition that most people have at some point during their lifetime. It is characterized by a buildup of mucus in the trachea and the respiratory tract that leaves your chest feeling heavy. If not treated timely, it can cause an infection in your respiratory tract. A rarer form of chest infection is pneumonia, which affects between 0.05-1.1 of people. Most people who have the condition have mild pneumonia but it can potentially be very serious, so it is important to seek immediate treatment. I am 35 and started feeling ill just over a week ago with a sore chest and hacking dry cough. I ended up in out of hours on Xmas Eve as mychest infection? Very confused. If you develop a lung infection, your symptoms usually get worse within a few days. Apr 12, 2013 You cough up phlegm.sort of gets irritated down the center of your chest and you can feel that when you cough, you may cough up mucus, and/or you may start If symptoms such as high fever, feeling very Pneumonia is a lung infection that can make you very sick.Chest pain that often feels worse when you cough or breathe in. Fast heartbeat. Feeling very tired or feeling very weak. Nausea and vomiting. Im feeling lots of twitches. Is this normal when you have a cold/chest infection and MS?Hand on heart, I cant remember the last time I was ill and the fact that during x-mas, I was constantly surrounded by people who were very ill and I did not become poorly . Chest infections. Bronchiolitis: children only. Causes fast breathing rate and fever and other respiratory symptoms.Pneumonia: may present with fever, cough, shortness of breath, feeling very ill, pleuritic chest pain and signs of collapse or shock. Had a nasty chest infection, which now seems to be clear that is, mucous now normal coloured no more burning sensations when I cough. i feel fine but Im still producing a lot of thick but not discoloured phlegm as a result Im very rattly when I breathe.