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Some of beginners is familiar with some of way to use multiple Models in an ASP.NET MVC application.For only demo purpose, we will create some sample data, which is hard coded in a class file under the Models folder named as Data.cs file, which will have the implementation of methods to 1. I have done a deep research trying to find the more pratical way to upload files from the client-side and I decided to go for the input type file html element.Related. 625. How do you handle multiple submit buttons in ASP.NET MVC Framework? ASP.NET MVC How to handle one or more uploaded files as ViewModel properties using HttpPostedFileBase class.Although being perfectly fine, its definitely not the proper way to deal with such scenario: what if we are supposed to receive multiple files? 06 January 2014 on, view-models, uploads, forms.Next, if we do have a nonzero length file upload, we check the content type against our array of valid types and generate an error if theres a mismatch. passing viewmodel and a multiple file uploads content of files to the controller.input type"text" class"form-control required tobecleared" name"uploadvm.hostbo.HostName" id"HostName" data-val-message"Please enter Host Name". Post ASP.NET MVC — Multiple buttons in the same form by David Findley is much more interesting, since his AcceptParameterAttribute is very similar to my solution.Also, since value is the thing being shown in the button, and