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He approached Jesus to kiss him, 48 but Jesus asked him, Judas, are you betraying the Son of71 Then they said, Why do we need any more testimony? We have heard it from his own lips.Find out why Bible Gateway Plus is the ultimate toolkit for anyone seeking to grow closer to the Word. He did not betray Jesus as described in the four gospels Mark, Matthew, Luke and John which were accepted into the official canon of the Bible.The Gospel of Judas tells us nothing about the historical Jesus or Judas. Why the furor?" What the Bible tells us about JudasForgiveness: If Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him, why did he keep him in the circle of his close companions until the end?in paperback last month, the discussions with the playwright and the cast led to a conversation over a key aspect of the play: Why did Judas betray Jesus?"Like many figures in the Hebrew Bible," writes Reed, "he has experienced atonement in the best sense of the word, though it shocks us that There are several explanations as to why Judas betrayed Jesus.[44] In the earliest account, in the Gospel of Mark, when he goes to theIn Trial of Christ in Seven Stages (1909) by John Brayshaw Kaye, the author did not accept the idea that Judas intended to betray Christ, and the poem is a Why did Judas betray Jesus? from Dr. Roger Barrier and get Christian, Biblical advice on todays issues.Why did Judas turn against Jesus and betray Him for 30 pieces of silver? Read the Bible verses that relate to this account. Atheism is Without Excuse - Romans 1 (a bible vlog) - Duration: 5:48. Ben Piershale 267 views.Did Judas Actually Betray Jesus to Force a Rebellion? The Bible does not discuss in detail the motives for Judas corrupt course, but an incident that occurred on Nisan 9, 33 C.E five days before Jesus death, sheds light onWhen Judas betrayed Jesus, Judas committed suicide. Do you think Judas went to Heaven? Why did Judas betray Jesus? October 4, 2011 / Posted in Ancient Egypt, Bible, Church history, Jesus Christ, Jewish history.If Judas was Jesus accomplice, why did Jesus tell the disciples, including Judas, that one of them would betray him? Home Life of Jesus Disciples Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?Online Bible and Study Tools. Why did Judas do it? Judas was, and still is a riddle.Judas did not betray Jesus for the money. The equivalent modern value of thirty pieces of silver is not known, but it was a comparatively modest sum. When the text is transferred into word, click to save or print. Why did Judas have to identify JesusThe apostles at the last supper did not know who was the betrayer among them even after JesusWe are here to help those who have questions on Bible doctrine, new teachings and movements. He repented and was forgiven but why wasnt Judas? Jesus told Peter what he would do and He also told him that He would pray for him.What made Judas betray Jesus? It was a combination of two things. The devil - as the Bible plainly states that Satan entered him before he went to do the dirty So the major reason why Jesus choose Judas is: 1.

Because Jesus loved Judas and was reaching out to Judas.For Jesus had known from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray him.It contains a daily inspirational story, a Bible verse and encouraging messages. What is the significance of Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss? Return to: Miscellaneous Bible Questions.

Return to: GotQuestions.org Home. Why did Judas betray Jesus? Bible QuestionAnd John 12:4 tells us again that Judas was intending to betray Jesus. Why did Jesus choose Judas? There are probably many reasons. Why did Judas betray Jesus? Why did the authorities pay him 30 pieces of silver?Read the Bible verses that relate to this account. Did Jesus ask Judas to betray him? Who was Judas and why did he betray his master? The Bible and Interpretation. Did Pre-Gospel Christians Believe Judas Betrayed Jesus?1.In fact, it is quite remarkable that Paul actually omits Judass name in referencing the action. Why didnt he say handed over or betrayed by Judas? Bible.First is the theory that Judas betrayed Jesus because he was greedy for money. All four Gospels point to this as at least a contributing motive. Why Judas Betrayed Jesus - Does the Bible say?Why Judas Betrayed Jesus - The Result Whatever his motive, we know that Judas did betray Judas. Following his betrayal, he felt remorse What does the Bible mean by, "Do not scoff at prophesies"? Does God promote socialism in Acts 4:34-37 and other verses?Why did Jesus still allow Judas Iscariot to eat at His table when Jesus knew and pointed out that Judas would betray Him? Judas was crying, refusing to do what Jesus asked, saying that he and his descendants would be cursed for centuries.

I naturally began to ask myself why Christ had to die in the way he did, and why he needed Judas to betray him. Jesus and Judas at the Last Supper the kiss of Judas Judas commits suicideWho was Judas Iscariot? What does the Bible say about Judas Iscariot? Why did Judas betray Jesus?How Did Judas Iscariot Die? Bob talks in detail about the Last Supper, its customs and Jesus prediction that one of His disciples will betray him. Other Topics: Bible: -The incarnation of Jesus. -Did Jesus and John have a same-sex relationship? Favorite Bible Study Links. How to be a Christian (video). About Me.But what was the motivation behind Judas betrayal? Why did he do this? I think we can find at least 3He did tempt Eve in the garden and Jesus in the wilderness. Here he enters Judas for the purpose of betraying Jesus. We may say that Judas was predestined, called, elected, and/or chosen to betray Jesus. He had no free will and thus no choice in the matter.Why? Because he returned to Christ and repented. The Bible says Peter not only felt shame and despair, he repented and asked for forgiveness.Sermons Sermon Series Preaching Articles Text Illustrations Preaching Bundles All Media PowerPoint Templates Video Illustrations Worship Music Videos Countdown Videos Motion Backgrounds Images Contributors Bible.Enter the new SermonFolder name. Why Did Judas Betray Jesus? Why did Judas betray Jesus with a kiss?In the same way George Washingtons personal decision to swear on a Bible has been repeated in all subsequent presidential inaugurations, so the riding into Jerusalem on a mule formed the basis for future coronations. Why does Judas kiss Jesus? How does Jesus respond when Peter uses his sword to defend him?The bible—what is its message? Jesus Christ Is Put to Death. What new observance did Jesus institute before he was betrayed and nailed to the stake? Although we cannot know exactly what motivated Judas to betray Jesus, the Gospels do give us clues. John 6:70-71: Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him.The Bible doesnt say why, other than Jesus knew that God had a plan. An interesting bit of information: Judas is the only disciple who Jesus refers to as "friend" throughout the entire bible.And here jesus calls him a traitor/betrayer. Why would he do this to judas, which the article makesThe implication is that Judas did betray Jesus, and for his betrayal, he was lost. Why Did Judas Betray Jesus? Why did he do it?The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?His misconception about the coming of the Messiah resulted in the betrayal and death of Jesus and his own death by suicide. Answers.com WikiAnswers Categories Religion Spirituality Christianity The Bible New Testament Why did Judas betray Jesus?Judas kiss of betrayal was a sign to the mob who came to arrest Jesus that he was the one to arrest. A kiss was, and still is, a common greeting custom in the Middle Pingback: Why did Judas betray Jesus? |Quite accept what you have written albeit leaving out certain clauses/statements in the Bible where some would consider it as being corrupted. Even though Judas did a very horrible thing—a sin that led to Jesus death—God made a good thing come out of this evil.Bible Truth. "[Jesus said,] But there are some of you who do not believe. The Biblical text does not state the reason why Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.I will also point out that there was a testament written by judas, which had a very different version of how things fell out there at the end of Js life. for some reason it did not make it into the new bible. neither did many of In return, the chief priests gave Judas 30 pieces of silver. Why did Judas betray Jesus?Youve read the Bible, but how well do you know it? Here are six things everyone "knows" about the Bible that are completely Christianity. Judas felt remorse after he betrayed Jesus. He returned the 30 pieces of silver the chief priests and elders had given him. (Matthew 27:3, NIV).Why Joseph Was Chosen as the Earthly Father of Jesus. Bible Studies: Who Actually Killed Jesus Christ? On What Day Was Jesus Crucified and Does it So, why did Judas betray the Lord Jesus into the hands of the chief priests for thirty pieces of silver?What does it say about smoking pot in the bible? Someone told me that it was used in bible times, is this true? All Christians know and hate the Judas betrayal of the Lord. But do we really know the reason behind it? Was he truly for the sake of money?You are here:Home » Devotionals » Bible Study » Daily Bible Reading » Why Could Judas Betray the Lord Jesus? But Judas in the end betrays Jesus with a kiss. You really think there is no intended irony in it?I believe that everything is in the Bible for reason. Therefore, I believe an intimate kiss does a splendid job of reminding us8. Did Judas repent or feel remorse? 4. Why did Jesus cleanse the temple? 8. Ive just finished reading the book of Mathew, and I found myself asking a question Ive never asked before in all my time ever reading or hearing about the Bible, why exactly did Judas betray Jesus. "Why did Judas turn against Jesus and promise to betray Him?That may have been part of it the Bible tells us he secretly stole some of the money people gave to support Jesus and His disciples. Why should Jesus, the emblem of Love Himself call Judas(the Bible calls him a thief, someone that has no love anywhere in his heart) asideNone of the news article reporting the find/discovery drew the conclusion that Judas did not betray Jesus afterall! Even Irenaeus called it a "ficticious history". Judas probably did betray Jesus assuming that Jesus was a god and thus impervious to Roman law.I believe that he likely told Jesus about his plan, but then I am a cynic and see conspiracies behind every corner in the bible Answer: While we cant be absolutely certain why Judas betrayed Jesus, some things are certain.Is the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar biblical? Do human beings truly have a free will? Return to: Miscellaneous Bible Questions. Jesus and Judas at the Last Supper the kiss of Judas Judas commits suicide Read the Bible verses that relate to this account. Judas made his decision to betray Jesus 2 days before the Passover. Who was Judas and why did he betray his master? Why could Judas betray Jesus? Was he only for the sake of money?Transform Like an Eagle, Then We Could Be Born Again By Xiaofang All along I kept thinking: Why does the Bible say mount up with wings as eagles (Isaiah 40:31) and your youth is renewed like the eagl Who was Judas and why did he betray his master?This act led to the crucifixion and death of Jesus. What the Bible tells us about Judas