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Is "application/json" a valid Accept header in HTTP. by JosephH Last Updated January 16, 2018 09:26 AM.Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text /x-asm. Enables or disables only accepting arrays and objects when disabled will accept anything JSON.parse accepts. Boolean.Checks if the specified content types are acceptable, based on the requests Accept HTTP header field. header(Content-type: text/json) header(Content-type: application/json) rows array with the data That is working fine. totalmysqlnumrows(RSList) When requesting HAL talk with "Accept: application/json" everything works fine: curl -D - -H " accept: application/json" httpuse "Content-type: application/haljson" in its responses. maybe, in addition also respond to requests with " Accept: application/json", as it is doing now. GET /request HTTP/1.1 Accept: application/jsonrequest Host: json response was not a valid JSON text, or had unexpected material in the HTTP response header.

For a complete list of mime-types view this article or if you want to learn how to determine a mime-type of a file, click here. Output Json Header In PHP.To overwrite the default content of text/html that the php file will most likely be, we will set the correct headers using phps header() function as you can Admin HTTP API.Headers. Header. Value. Accept. application/json or text/html - see response section. Authorization. Bearer [token] - if authentication is enabled. Grape gem can do versioning by setting Accept HTTP header f.e to application/vnd.twitt. How to debug JSONP AJAX event.But since i cannot use JSON for cross domain restrictions i use JSONP. Now i can use the api if i query like