angularjs datepicker change format





I am using a jqdatepicker in an html page using AngularJS directive. I am saving the date from jqdatepicker in to the database in format : 2016-08-30.el).datepicker(. minDate: 0, dateFormat: dd/mm/yy there is define the format for my datepicker like this. scope.open1 function() scope.popup1.opened trueAuthor gonodejsPosted on December 23, 2017Categories NATags angular-ui-bootstrap, angularjs, datepicker, javascript. input type"text" class"form-control" datepicker-popup"format" ng-model" DATE" is-open"opened" datepicker-options"dateOptions"Angular submit not called when required fields not filled. javascript, angularjs,forms.AngularJS, Animate on change: directive watch not called. convert date formats using Angularjs. Format date input in view Angular JS. angularJs date formatting on input field change.

Datetime format value for Datepicker. Excel Vba Date Format Ddmmyyyy Excel Default Date Format. Angularjs Change Angular Bootstrap Datepicker Stack.Javascript Bootstrap Datepicker Changing Format Stack. Prev Next Icons Not Showing In Customized Jquery. Datepicker works fine and display an appropriate date format.I made a few changes to your plunker. I didnt try to figure out why the calendar is showing up right away, I instead just bound the datepicker to the input field. i am creating a web app in angularjs with here is my javascript of a datepicker.