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1. CL, Leader/Vocalist/Rapper for 2NE1. Your top beauty tip? "[I like] a strong eyeliner and I love playing with lip color".Eye Shadow: Dior. Foundation: "Mule foundation which is originally produced by Saem Mul Mule foundation". Mascara: "Dior is my favorite. Cl from 2NE1 is wearing a see-through plaid shirt with green shorts.We all know that K-Pop artists get plastic surgery, but lets be honest. How much is too much? Krystal of F (x) has had double eyelid surgery. 2NE1 "Cant Nobody" CL Makeup Tutorial. And here is the original music videoI really think its good how people like CL have monolids and havent gone and got surgery. Shes like a role model! ) Im wishing I had eyes like that now. 2ne1 Plastic Surgery INFOP2NE1 CL Inspired Makeup (tKorean Eye Makeup. of ne, cl Undergone mar weight t-shirt ne as Project for nes rd anniversaryplease ne eyelid surgery idol groupresults Eyelid surgery friends and others who work search, ne formore Wood fence.Eye sunglasses that nes cl wrote on the celebration of strong heart Revealed a dopplechaerin wood fence 2NE1s CL was Born in : Seoul, South Korea.2NE1s CL Eye Color : Black. CL: "YG [2NE1s record label] told me to. They told me to get plastic surgery before my debut.Plastic surgery is only considered to fit more to the media and public eye. People are already pretty but a bit of work wont hurt as it diffentiate themselves from others. Cl 2ne1, Bad Meaning, Kpop Girl Groups, Kpop Girls, Casual Chic, Journal, Lee Chaerin, Pop Music, Queens.Those eyes Chaerin is so pretty.

Lasik Eye Surgery: at IQ LASER VISION with Actual Footage of Entire Process.makeup korean style | Inspired Makeup [K-POP STAR] CL Chaelin from 2NE1. Let me know what you guys think by leaving any comments or questions below! 2NE1 Band Member CL Before and After Plastic Surgery.If you take a look at 2NE1 CLs pre-debut and current pictures, you would notice that CLs eyes were smaller back then. Now, she currently sports wide eyes. Добро пожаловать на наш музыкальный сайт Муз-колор! Слушайте онлайн или качайте музыку - Cl 2ne1 бесплатно в mp3.111129 CL 2NE1 - Black Eyed Peas - Where is the love Singapore 2011 MAMA - 2NE1 N01. CL was said having plastic surgery before her debut.Double eyelid surgery many Korean actress and singers had used double eyelid surgery to enhance their eyes.

By having this procedure, they can refresh their eyes and made it more open. CL 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Nose Job Eyelid Before After Picture.www.koreaboo.com. 2NE1s CL updates fans following emergency oral surgery. 1000 x 552 jpeg 92 КБ. eyes MY EDIT 2ne1 cl lee chaerin. animals. fashion. Home Measurements Education Net Worth Plastic Surgery.2NE1 CL Eye Color: Black.Next Page >. By YG Entertainment [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Rate 2NE1 CLs Body Measurements. CL, girl group 2NE1s leader, confessed that she went through a double eyelid surgery.Thanks on her me2day. In the picture, CL is putting pressure on her eyes to forcefully make a temporary double eyelid. Plastic Surgery Meter: CL, 2NE1. Prev Article Next Article.Anyone who doesnt notice this is just, smh. -. - Her nose, look at her noooose and her eyes. Its so obvious. -. - I love 2NE1 but lets be real about this. Park Bom of 2NE1 has had a whole heap of procedures including at least two nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, facial reshaping and very likely breast implants.Her 1st set of surgery(eyes,nose and weight loss). CL updated her me2day with I got double eyelid surgery, Thank you! and the following image. However this was all an april fools joke! Chae Rin had just folded her eye to make it appear as if she had gotten the surgery. 2ne1 CL Cross Eyes YouT 2NE1 Plastic Surgery YouCL Plastic Surgery Plastic Goo Hye sun Have Been Part Sandara Park 2NE1 Plastic 2ne1 CL Flickr Photo 2NE1 had a surprise appearance in Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) however, many fans did not like the groups sudden performance as they even think that the girls do not deserve any applause, especially Park Bom!Park Bom and Minzy with plastic surgery and CL with her makeup. That eyelid surgery, I think most or all Korean idols do that. Coz when I look at Koreans, their eyes are all the same, no eyelid.As long as theyre talented, I will always love them. For example, if CL was to get PS I wouldnt care. Now, CLs Instagram as well as the official 2NE1 Facebook page, YouTube channel, as well as Twitter is being inundanted with criticism towards the song. Some are even making death threats toward CL, causing the 2NE1 leader to begin blocking people on Instagram. Plastic surgery. No makeup. Yoona.CL 2NE1 Makeup tutorial for monolids monolid eyes asian korean smokey idol make up kpop. During that time, 2ne1 have undergone a number of image overhauls, with many fans suspecting that Park Bom, CL, Dara and Minzy have undergone at least one facial plastic surgery procedure each. CL 2ne1 plastic surgery timeline 2010-2015 kpop plasticsurgery 2ne1 CL beforeandafter We can look pretty with flat noses, narrow eyes, black hair, and/or dark skin. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery as long as it is your own decision.I have been amazed on how stunning CL of 2ne1 since the the baddest female days. 2NE1s CL page will be active again lets support her Recently, CL made a come back with the rest of 2NE1 with their first full album titled "To Anyone" with an eye-catching red leather jacket. Eyelid surgery experience in Pitangui color switch Toan Nguyen Self Introduction Hair Transplant What the In-Crowd Won So satisfied after the surgeries ) Seeking advice for rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery for Students Fat Transfer Jaw Surgery/Facial Contouring Require Br details of thigh lift surgery? CL 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job 500 x 389 jpeg 34kB. www.pinterest.com.www.beforeandafterceleb.com. 2ne1 CL plastic surgery before and after photos, Pictures 659 x 429 jpeg 234kB. the BADDEST FEMALE CL Album. 2NE1 BEST COLLECTION -Korea Edition- 2NE1 Album.The Baddest Froggy Fresh. 2NE1 1st Mini Album 2NE1 Album. CL 2NE1 Plastic Surgery Nose Job Eyelid Before After Picture.2NE1 Park Bom | Notesanotess Blog. Dara - 2NE1 Photo (7362568) - Fanpop. Official Kpop Plastic Surgery Thread :) from KPsurgery Today, CL wrote on her me2day, "I got double-eyelid surgery thanks." And attached the photo above. Many fans actually believed CLs April Fools joke and those who were a fan of CLs natural single- eyelids were relieved to find that what CL wrote on her OPERATE NOW : EYE SURGERY | PLAY EYE SURGERY GAME ONLINE - Продолжительность: 3:18 Mopixie Games 167 144 просмотра.Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery: Walkthrough - Продолжительность: 2:33 PacoGames.com 242 715 просмотров. 1. 2NE1 CL 2. SNSD Sunny 3. Ahn Young Mi 4. BEG Gain 5. AOA Seolhyun 6. MissA Min 7. EXID Hani 8. Lee Hyori 9. Kang Yewon 10. APINK Bomi http://www.kpop-map.com/10-things-you-must-see-female-celebs-miracle-of-the-makeup-techniques/. 2ne1 Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures. 2ne1s Park Bom recently made an appearance that has sparked up fresh 2ne1 plastic surgery rumors.CL said that she has never been a champion for plastic surgery. Well, it is really difficult to tell whether she had her nose trimmed and her eyes fixed a This 2NE1 plastic surgery post begins with Lee Chae-rin, better known to those in the pop world as CL.How else do you explain the big wide eyes she currently spots? Is that all the 2NE1 plastic surgery she got or is CL guilty of more procedures? Cl 2ne1 Plastic Surgery , Here at www.imgarcade.com you will find Online Image Arcade! that are really amazing.CL 2NE1 Plastic Surgery No Park Bom 2NE1 Excessive Pl On April 1st, CL of the fierce foursome 2NE1 wrote on her me2day, "I got double eyelid surgery, thanks", with the above photo. While some fans and viewers alike had themselves a panic attack, those with sharper eyes easily noticed CLs now been featured in the US edition of Elle online, where she not only revealed that 2NE1s hit single, "Ugly," was inspired by her, but that her label, YG Entertainment, pressured her to get plastic surgery prior to her debut. CL 2NE1 plastic surgery has changed her facial appearances.Eyelid surgery is a common procedure chosen by plastic surgery patients in South Korea. Many of them want to get a bigger eyes look, escaping from their slanted eye genes. 2EYES Profile.Birth Name: Lee Chae Lin English Name: Faith Lee Stage Name: CL Birthday: February 26, 1991 Nickname: Baddest Female in Seoul City Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist Blood Type: A Height: 162 cm Instagram: chaelin cl -She was born in Seoul, South Korea Did 2ne1 have done a plastic surgery? Is yes, then what type of surgeries done by them?Actually 2ne1 is a South Korean musical group consisting of four members Dara, CL, BOM and Minzy. CL. She is the leader from 2NE1 who doesnt had any plastic surgery.Even she had squint eyes, CL stayed natural and avoid to do plactic surgery.

In some interview for Elle magazine, CL told that she choose performing natural look in front of her fans. Group 2NE1s CL made a cute lie.CL said, "I got double eyelid surgery thank you," along with a picture of her eye with a double eyelid. But the most important part is that Sunday is April Fools Day. Grazia Magazine December Magazines Cl 2ne1 Style Makeup Photography Kpop Girl Groups Kpop Girls Yg Entertainment.Lee Chaerin Cl 2ne1 Language Yg Entertainment Asian Eyes Queen Kpop Fashion High Fashion Ideas. Lee Chae-rin (born February 26, 1991), better known by her stage name CL, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she spent much of her early life in Japan and France. okay im sorry but the one whos face barely moves and looks like she got a boatload of surgery (not sure of her name) but when i saw her still frame at the beginning of the video i got so freaked! i love 2ne1 but this girls face is creepy. y/n?Boms face but her eyes are pretty! 2NE1 Members Profile 2018: 2NE1 Facts, 2NE1 Ideal Type 2NE1 ( ) debuted in 2009, under YG Entertainment. The band consisted of 4 members: CL, Dara, Park Has a Gundam collection. Shes a fan of Black Eyed Peas. Minzy was on Season 2 on KBS 2TVs Sisters Slam Dunk. Eye Color.2NE1s members are very caring towards their health and body. CL never forgets to meditate, when it comes to health.I have seen CL twice in concert with 2NE1 and her bra size could be 34A, but I would guess she might be as big as 34B.