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Dictionary Urdu to English also shows random Urdu words and their meaning in English to improve the vocabulary of users specially students of Urdu and English languages. This is English - Urdu and Urdu - English Dictionary. Free. Editors rating.User rating. Publisher: Softwares Downloads: 254,571. Cleantouch English to Urdu Dictionary. On this Site all Students can get Online Dictionary Urdu to English and English to Urdu.That is the major reason students are searching different words in two type of translation that is Urdu to English and English to Urdu. Listen, repeat and learn languages by following the text on the screen.This free translation tool will translate English to Urdu, look up the English words in the dictionary, and perform many other tasks. English to Urdu Dictionary also provides english to urdu translation service. Our team of experts translate english text, sentences, paragraphs, books and other english contents into urdu language on demand. Worlds largest English to Urdu dictionary and Urdu to English dictionary online mobile with over 150,000 words.Enter your English or Urdu word for translation in the search box below and click SEARCH. Functions Full English - Urdu dictionary, use offline. . Full Urdu - English dictionary, use offline. . Sound offline: human voice with standard pronuciation. . Quick translate dialog: allow you translate text from any in your device. .

Reminder function: remind your vocabulary everyday. English To Urdu Dictionary. The aim of this dictionary is to make english easy both for experts and beginners. This Dictionary includes almost all the existing english vocabulary. Cleantouch is the oldest and the most reputed name in providing English Urdu dictionaries. After success of last 6 editions of dictionary, this seventh edition is being introduced with addition of 33,000 new English words its meaning. This is the first offline Urdu to English dictionary on the web with more than 27000 words, urdu words are in urdu fonts, entire dictionary is downloadable and editable after download.

Dictionary compiled by Waseem Siddiqi, transliterated by Shahab Alam. English Urdu Dictionary English to urdu dictionary and english to urdu translation on internet is really a gift for all those people who want to learn English language in Urdu. Now a days electornic devices has taken charge of every other thing. Download the setup file of Wordinn English to Urdu Dictionary using the download link given below.From the Reader menu, you can type a paragraph and listen it in English to know the pronunciation of the paragraph. Urdu-English-Urdu dictionary to download for free (PC and phone) or look up online.Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, as well as one of the 23 official languages of India. It is an Indo-Aryan language, spoken by about 60 million people (but the estimations vary). Listeners. . Similar words. Listen.Englishintourdudictionary.com is first online english to urdu dictionary on the web that offers free english to urdu dictionary services to help students and other people in learning english in their native language i.e. urdu. Translate English to Urdu, English into Urdu Translation, free download english to urdu dictionary full version, englishtourdudictionary.pk.English to Urdu Dictionary | Dictionary English to Urdu. Like us on FaceBook. Dictionary either english or urdu or of any other language plays an important role in learning a language. English dictionary helps us to define words and find their easy meaning in english or in our native language. This is the worlds first English to Urdu Multimedia Dictionary which gives you Urdu Meanings, English Definitions, Images, Audios and Videos for any word that you search with it. You can listen the letters while you are typing a word for easy spell check. When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. This is the first offline English to Urdu dictionary on the web with more than 24000 words, urdu Listen meaning in Urdu: - sunna meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of Listen and sunna Meaning. Translate English to Urdu free on our world star Urdu translators .EnglishUrdu dictionary Urdu to Hindi translator Urdu to Persian translator Pakistan Map. iJunoon English to Urdu Dictionary is an online Dictionary. This Dictionary provides synonyms, antonyms, English Defenitions, Wikipedia Reference, Names Meanings, Roman to Urdu Search, Urdu to English Search, Related Words, Sentence Translation and image based examples. quench your thirst: Urdu meaning. English to Urdu Dictionary, ok No comments.crime vocabulary in English. Vocabulary No comments. Free Online English to Urdu Dictionary with roman Urdu meaning.Dictionary has been very useful for ages in order to learn any particular language across the world, it also helps to increase your writing, speaking and listening power for that language. Explore the most useful English to Urdu dictionary contains almost every English word with Urdu translations powered by fast searching and easy navigation. Latest Dictionary Updates. Ukindia Urdu Lesson. Urdu is written in the opposite direction to English ie from right to left.A Guide to Urdu - Urdu Key Phrases A Guide to Urdu - Listen and Learn Urdu Key phrases. Urdu Word English-Urdu Dictionary and Lessons. English-Urdu Dictionary is an online Dictionary which is designed keeping in mind the needs of the Urdu speaking community, to help them attain better command over the English Language. Cleantouch Urdu Dictionary is a digital dictionary developed to translate English words to Urdu language and this latest version has been amelioratedThe spic and span edition supports audio pronunciation, meaning that users can now listen to the right pronunciation of a word and its definition. English to Urdu Dictionary is free words meaning app for Pakistani users.- Now Listen to Audio Pronunciation of English Words while pressing the sound button. - English to Urdu dictionary can be used offline without internet and wifi. Free. Android. Are you studying English and you want to know the meaning in Urdu, Then this is program is for you. A complete offline English to Urdu trainer. You also can say its English-Hindi Dictionary.

Roman Urdu To English Dictionary.Urdu to English Meaning of . Sunna Translation from Urdu into English means Listened. Searchable English to Urdu and Urdu to English dictionary that displays Urdu without requiring fonts. Also features Word of the Day.Urdu to English and English to Urdu Translation. Quick Search using: English Urdu Script Roman Urdu. Translate documents and emails from English to Urdu.Babylon Software, with over 19 years experience, has everything you require in English to Urdu dictionaries, thesauri and lexicons and provides English to Urdu free translation services. Urdu to English Dictionary is designed by keeping in mind the needs of Urdu speaking people who dont have a command over the English language yet want to learn it, as they have to encounter the International language ( English) on daily basis. English To Urdu Dictionary: find words meaning in urdu, arabic, hindi, french, german, spanish. see comprehensive wordss defination and synonyms. free online dictionary to find meaning in different language.Listen Online Qirrat. listen translate: слушать , слушаться, прислушиваться (к совету) . Learn more in the Cambridge English-Russian Dictionary. This innovative English to Urdu Dictionary will help you to enhance your Urdu and English Language limits.Fundamentally tap on the screen and listen to the best proclamation of the favored word. More Info ». english to urdu dictionary. Publish Date: 2015-09-17.2:select your desire language to translate. 3:write any words sentence and press microphone button. You are done, listen the accent,see the text and make fun and learn. Wordinn English to Urdu Dictionary: Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. This free program lets you translate English words into Urdu and vice versa.Translate. Listen English textkey. Wordinn will readwhole Paragraph Wordinn provides. English To Urdu Dictionary is the one of the useful software for the Asian.The dictionary has more than 36,000 words which really helps to improve the vocabulary. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the words in 9 different voices. English to Urdu Dictionary Overview. Urdu is one of the main languages of the world with round about one third population of the world who either speak Urdu or have basic understanding of Urdu.You can adjust the speed of the audio so that you can listen it comfortably. This is the worlds first Urdu to English Language Multimedia Dictionary which gives you Urdu Meanings, English Definitions, Images, Audios and Videos for any word that you search with it.You can listen the letters while you are typing a word for easy spell check. English to Urdu Dictionary Overview. Urdu is one of the main languages of the world with round about one third population of the world who either speak Urdu or have basic understanding of Urdu.You can adjust the speed of the audio so that you can listen it comfortably. English to Urdu Dictionary. Whatever the word you will search it will quickly show you its meanings because this dictionary app is packed with more than 111,200 words. You can also listen to the English words and learn how to speak in correct way. Dictionary English to Urdu is one of the best online Dictionary providing free English to Urdu Words Meaning helping students and common people to find urdu meaning of difficult english words online and in this way increase their vocabulary. 100 Free Offline English to Urdu dictionary.It has embedded Urdu font which doesnt require any additional Urdufeature on your device.Users can listen to the audio of that English word,helping them to learn the pronunciation of English word along itsmeanings. English to Urdu and Urdu to English dictionary translation vocabulary words Q R - Duration: 21:01.Hear and listen - Difficult English words | Vocabulary - Duration: 15:16. Crown Academy of English 580,888 views. English to Urdu Dictionary. Collection opensource. plus-circle Add Review.Classical Armenian to English Dictionary. May 25, 2009 05/09. We are delighted to present free Online Urdu English Dictionary to the world which contains the highest number of words as compared to other online dictionaries. Users can search English as well as Urdu words from this web site. English to Urdu Dictionary updated their profile picture. March 23, 2015 .Must listen,,, Reality (Maulana Tariq Jameel). English to Urdu Dictionary Learning a language is a healthy activity that everyone should adopt. For doing so, taking the assistance of a good dictionary is highly recommended. Urdu and English are most commonly spoken languages in South Asian subcontinent.