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Multiline Asp.Net textbox maxlength. MaxLength property of a TextBox control does not work when the TextMode property is set to Multiline. Here is small work around using regualr expression validator Asp.Net, C.Net, SQL Server, MVC, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, WCF, .Net Interview Questions, Jobs: Set Maximum length for multiline textbox in- Show confirmation message in gridview for delete in - Data access block of Microsoft enterprise library 6.0 using stored procedure. By default the MaxLength property does not work for Multiline TextBox and hence I have created a jQuery Plugin which sets MaxLength for ASP.Net Multiline TextBox and also displays the character count as text is typed. Set maximum length for multiline textbox in Asp.NetSet Max Length for ASP.NET MultiLine Textbox using jQueryASP.NET MultiLine TextBox Length Property Problem And The Ever tried setting up the maxlength property of a ASP.NET Multiline TextBox and ended up finding out that its doesnt work at all!! HEres a simple solution using Javascript You can use the below script to set up the maxlength of a Multiline TextBox or even a HTML TextArea Tag: