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The authorization header contains the authentication scheme (Basic) and the appropriate Application ID and Application Password separated with a colon and Base64-encoded.Using SSL is optional. C sample. I managed to get it done by explicitly sending Basic Authentication headersNot the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged c authentication credentials webrequest or ask your own question. C.I am surprised why you had to manually send a basic authentication header with the request. Why cant you just say request.Credentials new NetworkCredential(username,password). BASIC authentication encrypts the user ID and password with Base64 encoding and passes it as an HTTP request header parameter.You are now authenticating to FlexNet SOAP-based java web services with C. In order to add a basic authentication to your HttpRequest you do this: String username "Your username" string password "Your password" String svcCredentials Convert.ToBase64String(ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(username ":" password) How Does Basic Authentication Work? A client requests resources that are secured with the authentication. A server replies with a 401 response which is decorated with the WWW- Authenticate attribute.string auth filterContext.HttpContext.Request.Headers["Authorization"] Preemptive Basic Authentication basically means pre-sending the Authorization header. So instead of going through the rather complex previous example to set it up, we can take control of this header and construct it by hand httpProps.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.Authorization] "Basic " Convert.ToBase64String(bc)WPF AAD Azure OAuth2 .

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net-web-api. java. c. php. android. jquery. python.How to tell [Authorize] attribute to use Basic authentication with custom message handler? Using ajaxSetup beforeSend for Basic Auth is breaking SignalR connection. Making a GET request using Basic Authentication is pretty easy using the BCLLuckily a StackOverflow post suggested an alternative, explicitly setting the Authorization header <-- Windows Authentication

We need to pass the user name and password through basic authentication header to call a web service. Please let us know the way how we can achieve this through C ASP.NET 2.0. how can i use basic http Authentication for a HTTPS URL Windows 8 Store App. I am using Visual Studio 2012, C and XAML.Assign the authentication headers. It has built-in support for HTTP basic authentication via credentials. However, it doesnt work the way I expected: supplying credentials doesnt send Authorization HTTP header with the request but only in response to servers challenge.Topics: .net, c. Found a mistake, have a comment?