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USD to TL exchange rate is also available for calculation as pocket guide for foreign markets. Get all the other currencies of USD and TL.Exchange Conversion. I want to buy . To see historical exchange rates with graph,fill in the following fields and click Go!Ukraine [Ukrainian hryvnia] UGX Uganda [Ugandan shilling] USD United States [US dollar / ] UYP Uruguay (->UYU) [Urugayan peso] UYU Uruguay [Urugayan peso] UZS Uzbekistan [Uzbekitan som] VAL historical currency exchange rates between German Marks and US dollars, 1913-present: tables and sources, also inflation calculator links.Historical Dollar-to-Marks Currency Conversion Page. page created by Harold Marcuse, Professor of German History at UC Santa Barbara (Prof. USD2EUR. Historical Exchange Rates. Get access to our expert weekly market analyses and discover how your currency has been tracking with our exchangeAUD Australian Dollar EUR Euro GBP British Pound JPY Japanese Yen USD US Dollar AED UAE Dirham ARS Argentine Peso AUD Australian Dollar By viewing the currency pairs exchange rate history graph (different periods for selecting), you can get more previous performance about the two currencies. Do you want to INVERT the two currencies? Visit US Dollar(USD) to Euro(EUR). Listed below is a table of historical exchange rates relative to the U.S. dollar, at present the most widely traded currency in the world. An exchange rate represents the value of one currency in another. An exchange rate between two currencies fluctuates over time. EUR/USD Conversion Table History. See below quick comparision table showing how the most popular currency requirements for the Euro / US Dollar exchange rate conversions on the 31st of December compared. Euro(EUR) To United States Dollar(USD) Exchange Rates History.By viewing the currency pairs exchange rate history graph (different periods for selecting), you can get more previous performance about the two currencies. Historical Exchange Rates For United States Dollar to Nepalese Rupee.120-day exchange rate history for USD to NPR. This is the US Dollar (USD) to Indian Rupee (INR) exchange rate history summary page, detailing 180 days of USD INR historical data from Friday 25/08/ 2017 to Monday 19/02/2018.

You can see also inverted conversion rate: Turkish Lira to United States Dollar.The table shows USD to TRY historical exchange rates within 30 days. Build current and historic rate tables with your chosen base currency with XE Currency Tables. For commercial purposes, get an automated currency feed through the XE Currency Data API.Turkish Lira USD - US Dollar ZAR - South African Rand. Reversed rate: United States Dollar (USD) Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Currency converter 1 BCH to (in,into,equal,) USD.Full history please visit BCH / USD Exchange Rates History. Interactive historical chart showing the daily U.S. Dollar - Chinese Yuan (USDCNY) exchange rate back to 1981.USD SGD Exchange Rate - Historical Chart. Please visit Korean Won(KRW) To United States Dollar(USD).Link to this page - if you would like to link to United States Dollar(USD) To Korean Won(KRW) Exchange Rates History. please copy and paste the HTML from below into your page The rates are derived from the currencys representative exchange rate, as reported by the central bank, normally against the U.S. dollar at spot market rates and rounded to six significant digits. BTC/USD Exchange - Buy Bitcoins with USD - CEX. IO. BTC/USD exchange rate, view the real-time price and history. Buy and Sell Bitcoins with US dollars on Bitcoin Exchange. Exchange rate history between the US Dollar and Euro. Latest Exchange Rates.1 EUR 1.2249 USD. 02/07/18. Wednesday. US Dollar Exchange Rates versus Syrian Pound nowUS Dollar Euro Turkish Lira Saudi Riyal Emirate Dirham Egyptian Pound Libyan Dinar Jordanian Dinar Kuwaiti Dinar British Pound Qatari Riyal Omani Rial Bahraini Dinar Canadian Dollar Swedish Krona. The history and development of interbank settlement systems in Estonia.

USD (US dollar). 1,2171. ZAR (South African rand). 14,5200. Daily exchange rates. Year 2017 Euro/United States dollar (EUR/USD) rates history, splited by months, charts for the whole year and every month, exchange rates for any day of the year. Source: free currency rates (FCR). INR/USD Rate History Chart. Indian Rupee and US Dollar Exchange Rate History (1-year by 2017-01-19). Exchange rate history in diagrams and tables for year, half-year, quarter, month and week timeframesSingapore Dollar KRW - South Korean Won CHF - Swiss Franc THB - Thai Baht UAH - Ukrainian Hryvnia USD - US Dollar AFN - Afghan Afghani ALL - Albanian Lek DZD - Algerian Dinar Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) to US Dollar (USD) Converter. Current HKD to USD exchange rate: 1 HKD 0.129 USD.Check the HKD to USD conversion rates of the last 10 years. TMM Turkmenistan New Manat . TMT US Dollar . USD Uganda Shilling . UGX Ukraine Hryvnia .Explore our new and improved historical rates converter to retrieve exchange rates from OANDA and 25Includes CSV download, 25 years of history, ask/bid/mid point, table and chart view, custom EUR to USD (Euro to US Dollar) Exchange Rates. Last 10 working days.Friday, February 23rd - Monday, February 26th: The Euro to US dollar quotation was up for two trading days in a row, reaching 1.2320. Historically, the Euro Dollar Exchange Rate - EUR/USD reached an all time high of 1.87 in July of 1973 and a record low of 0.70 in February of 1985. The euro was only introduced as a currency on the first of January of 1999. world currency exchange rates and currency exchange rate history.The table below shows historical exchange rates between the US Dollar ( USD) and the Euro (EUR) between 9/1/2017 and 2/28/2018. 20.00. United States Dollar.On this chart displays history of exchange rate for USD/NGN or (United States Dollar / Nigerian naira). 1 BipCoin (BIP) equals 0.15 US dollar (USD) 1 US dollar (USD) equals 6.68 BipCoin (BIP).Currency exchange rates history. Measurement unit converter. Online metric conversion calculator: length, area, size, temperature, speed, pressure, force. Note: The exchange rate between 10700 TWD and USD should be used for informational purpose only, the actual rate may vary.10700 TWD in USD History Mon 19/02/2018 - Mon 26/02/2018. Current exchange rate US DOLLAR (USD) to JAPANESE YEN (JPY) including currency converter, buying selling rate and historical conversion chart. USD/RUB - US Dollar Russian Ruble. Moscow. Symbol. Exchange.Share this comment to: Is the general consensus USD/RUB will have a brief (say 2 minutes) put response, and the call back up on the announcement of the Drop in the RUB interest rate to 8.00 today? Technical central bank cooperation. Foreign reserves and own funds. Foreign exchange operations. History.Reference rates over last four months - US dollar (USD). Mar - 2018. Mon. 1 GHS to USD Exchange rates graph. 1 GHS in USD: 10 days history.The worst day for conversion of 1 Cedi in US Dollar in last 10 days was the 13/02/2018. Exchange rate has reached to lowest price. USD2INR. British Pound (GBP) United States Dollar (USD) Euro (EUR) Albania Lek (ALL) Angola Kwanza (AOA) Argentina Peso (ARS) Australian Dollar (AUD) Bahrain Dinar (BHD) Bangladesh Taka (BDT)Putin: Russia must get mortgage rates down towards 7 percent. » More Asian Currencies News. Historic Exchange Rates (Emirati Dirham) - X-Rates — Get historic exchange rates for past Emirati Dirham foreign expenses.Live and history US dollar to Emirati Dirham exchange rates chart. Best USD to AED exchange rates tool, converter. Convert Dollars to Ethiopian Birr | USD to ETB Currency Converter. On this page convert USD to ETB using live currency rates as of 06/12/2017 . Includes a live currency converter, handy conversion table, last 7 days exchange rate history and some live Dollars to Ethiopian Birr charts. View USD Rates Table.AUD - Australian Dollar CAD - Canadian Dollar CHF - Swiss Franc CNY - Chinese Yuan Renminbi DKK - Danish Krone EUR - Euro GBP - British Pound HKD - Hong Kong Dollar HUF - Hungarian Forint INR - Indian Rupee JPY - Japanese Yen MXN - Mexican Peso MYR Price level ratio of PPP conversion factor (GDP) to market exchange rate2005 PPP conversion factor, private consumption (LCU per international )Real effective exchange rate index (2010 100) On this page you can find the best print and electronic sources for historical exchange rates. Most web sources for historical rates only give figures for the working week. If you are looking for an end of month rate and enter the last day of a month in a given year American Dollar - USD British Pound - GBP Canadian Dollar - CAD Euro - EUR Japanese Yen - JPY Swiss Franc - CHF Australian Dollar - AUD Afghan Afghani - AFN Albanian Lek - ALL Algerian Dinar - DZD American Dollar - USD Angolan Kwanza - AOAHistorical Exchange Rates - 23 Feb 2018. USD to RMB Exchange Rate History is a graphical representation that shows the relative change between these two currencies over the period of time. Using this you can examine how the USD and RMB currency have been correlated for last 30 days. USD Exchange Rate History. Documents. US Dollar Value. The EUR/USD (Euro - US Dollar) exchange rate has fluctuated a lot during the last 10 years. Recently there is a lot of commotion about the slide of the Euro Accurate exchange rates updates in live mode, so all information are fresh. Below youll find both exchange rates ETH/USD and inverse USD/ETH.Live and history Ethereum to US dollar exchange rates chart. Vote for your favorite bank and check what other users recommend. d2r, us dollar to rupee exchange rates, us dollar, rupee, money transfer, remit2india, money2india, citibank, icici, sbi, remit, state bank of india, hdfc, hsbc, wire transfer, western union, demand draft, cash, remittance, nri, india, us, usd Home » Currencies » Currency Exchange Rates » EUR to USD exchange rate history.Below is a table showing 180 days of historical data for Euro (EUR) to US Dollar (USD) from Saturday 2/09/2017 to Tuesday 27/02/2018.