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You can change class name in javascript as shown below code snippet. 7 Solutions collect form web for Javascript change Div style.Better change the class of the element (.regular is black, .alert is red)Can I Use an ID as a Variable Name? Add Alpha Channel to Background Color using jQuery / JavaScript. Then, if the user clicks another div I want that class to change to selected and the previous class to be removed so that only one div at any time can be selected.try this native javascript document.getElementById(event).setAttribute( class, selected) But in your specific example, since you know the id of the actual element you want to change the class of, the above code should work fine without specificing the parent element or using an array index of any kind. I will admit that prototypejs threw me off because they use the same method names for the I want to change the class name of div element from "msg" to "err" or from "err" to "msg". I tried whatever I know but nothing works. css. javascript. I want to assign a new class name to it, say text 15,javascript16,javascript CSS8,XML C/C10,XML converter12,XML data warehouse13 className. Returns the CSS class attribute of an element.

Read/write.innerHTML. A cross browser (non W3C DOM) property that lets you easily change the HTML contents of an element.nodeName. Returns a string indicating the name of the node, in the case of elements, its tag name. change div className Using Javascript.In This Javascript Tutorial we will see How To Change DIV Css Class Name In JS Using Netbeans Editor To change all classes for an element: To replace all existing classes with one or more new classeswhere MyID is the ID of the element and MyClass is the name of the class you wish to remove.setting new class in div. class is a future reserved word in JavaScript. Use className, not class. How To Change DIV Class Name In Javascript.