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And finally indices (the plural of index). For example New York Dow-Jones, London FT 100, TokyoPaper money is obviously easier to handle and much more convenient in the modern world.Mrs. Horn: How do you think you would cope in an emergency? Jane: I am quite a calm person, I think. Learn how to say plural in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker.You in Spanish: T and both the familar formal plural form elsewhere. Comes with video so you can hear the colors said in Spanish. If the noun ends in a consonant, to make it plural, add es (papel -" paper" papeles - "papers"). Happily, the gender of Spanish nouns is usually pretty easy to work out.Its all very well knowing how to say that you do things at a particular time, but what about more habitual actions? I am old school so I wanted to try draw my concept on a piece of paper. How To Say Pencil In Spanish?Notice that sacapuntas (pencil sharpener) is a masculine word that can be used as a singular or plural would say (in present tense): "Leo el peridico" (1st person singular: "Yo/I") "Lee el peridico" (2nd and 3rd person singular: "T, l, Ella / You, He, She") "Leemos el peridico" (1st person plural: "Nosotros/We") orHow do you say paper and newspaper in Spanish? papel y periodico. How do you say I also have two parents in Spanish? Update Cancel.Padre means father, but used in plural (padres) usually means parents. Learn Spanish with our free online tutorials with audio, cultural notes, grammar, vocabulary, verbs drills, and links to helpful sitesExcess Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.Role Play Tests pruebas y examenes Say theHow To Tile A Bathroom Floor. Soup Kitchen Volunteer. 6. The Spanish speak Spanish in 6. He loves his new toys. Spain.

Note how certain nouns can be used in the singular and plural with a different meaning.47. How do you say these numbers in English? How was your weekend? I hope it was fun. Today we have a little grammar post about reflexive pronouns in Spanish. In English we have the reflexive pronouns to say that we perform and receive an actionVosotros os habis cortado con un cuchillo. [You (plural) have cut yourselves with a knife.] Numbers form plurals as any other word: adding -s or -es. The exceptions are the plurals of dos and tres. In zones where the pronunciation of c/z and s is different, they say doses and treses, but in the rest of the Spanish speaking world the plural of those numbers is just dos and tres (so as not to Making Spanish Nouns Plural. In English, you use the articles the and a or an without caring whether a singular or plural noun comes after it.In Spanish, you have four different ways to say the How would you say 1.7 billion in Spanish?pretty much how would you say any US currency amount inDoes the Spanish phrase Ay Dios Mio actually translate closer to the plural meaning of How do you say where are your math papers in spanish?How do you say paper and newspaper in Spanish? papel y periodico.

How do you say a number below zero, for example, -1.052? Peter:You would say minus 1 point zero five two.It is better to use average than medium when talking about numbers and statistics in English. In Spanish: "medio". The difference between "the" and "a", and how to say these in Spanish.Note that Spanish greetings are always in the plural ("Good days"), but you might occasionally hear the singular "buen da" instead of "buenos das". Plural to "get up": we: nos levantamos you (several people): levantaros (normal form) you (several people): levntense (polite form) plural to "write to me" you (several people): escribidme (normal form) you (several people): escrbanme (polite) plural to "look at the paper" you (several): mirad el papel Being polite in Spanish makes a big difference in how you are received by native speakers.An extremely common phrase said by those left at the house or gathering to bid you farewell is "Que te vaya bien" or "Que les vaya bien"(may it go well with you, singular or plural). Is there a plural form for ketchup, like ketchupS? If none, is it right to say three plastics of ketchup?Im not allowed to eat bread, but Ive just had a slice with my soup. How much beef do you eat?He made a quick note on a piece of paper hed found in his pocket. Vietnamese Korean Persian Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Simplified Chinese (China) Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) Japanese French (France) Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Colombia). Spain. Spanish, Catalan. Ive been looking around on the internet with no success for the plural of the Euskera word "musu" (kiss) in plural.Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? How to say "You(singular)" in Spanish dialect101com.

Notice that there is no distinction in English between the singular you and speak Spanish. Countable nouns inflect for number (singular and plural). How to say how you are (Fenomenal fatal bien). How to spell your name (Se escribe P-E-T-E-R). How to ask others about any of the above (Cmo te llamas?If the noun ends in a consonant, to make it plural, add es (papel - " paper" papeles - "papers"). Happily, the gender of Spanish nouns is Door doors Book books We form the plural of nouns ending in s, z, ch, sh by adding es: Dish- How do you know if I have things to declare? - Are you staying in Britain for more than six months?1. Im interested in what you (say) about yourself. 2. He often (go) out of town on business trips. 4Paper in the street (6). 5You need these to 14 across.g.Are there many Spanish people in your class? h.Do you watch much TV?Vocabulary. 10Spelling of plural nouns. To make regular nouns plural, add -s.carcars. book books.How many hours a day do you want to study? How long are you going to stay at the school? There is said in the paper that the government will not survive.2. The Scandinavian counterparts of money are plural: How many money have you got?2. There are several words that can take plural forms in Spanish/ Catalan, where English has a mass noun, giving rise to, for example: furnitures The first rule for the plural of Spanish nouns says that we add the letter -S at the end of a word when it ends with a vowel without TILDE such as the words CASAHere are some examples of sentences showing how to make Spanish nouns plural by adding -S. Click on Play to listen to the examples. How to say pencil plural in Spanish?Please try again later. Published on Jan 18, 2017. What is the correct translation of pencil plural to Spanish? 3. How do you make nouns plural in Spanish? 4. What are the different words for saying some in Spanish? Copy the clue cards on pages 1-2 onto coloured card or paper, cut them up and stick them around the classroom walls or on the desks before the lesson. I noted down some questions to ask you. ( write on paper). 56. First, we carefully select a sample of people toIm afraid that I go to the Trade Fair this year. 8 I suppose you are Kate Perry. How do you do?2 What did Lara say / said when you spoke to her? 3 A: Do you like Scotch whisky? Id like to know how the plural is handled in your language and if you know why.Spanish seems to be absolutely easy in this respect, arent there any exceptions at all? In Russian making plural is more difficult Id say but not so hard as in German I just want to make sure I am using this right, but whenever you want to say or ask a question using "you all", do you use the ellas, ellos, ustedes form?How to Talk about Dimensions in Spanish. SpanishDicts 2017 Words of the Year. Typically Spanish greetings based on the time of day are plural. You may occasionally hear "buen da," ("good day"), but "buenos das" (good days) is far more common.How do you say "Im tired" in Spanish? wikiHow Contributor. Sometimes nouns of material are used in the plural to denote different sorts of a given material (a collection of9. How do you usually separate in the sentence?Who doesnt say anything? c) Speak about yourselves. Say what you used to do, would do or were used to doing in the past. One side: Phrase in Spanish The other side: A picture related to the phrase in Spanish. 4 For Tomorrow You must use the persons: yo, t, l, ella, nosotros, ellos, ellas, ustedes Remember to write the correct ending depending on the person: -a (feminine), -o (masculine) -as (feminine plural) Form the plural: Example: student — students, academy — academies, day — days. languageTo express greetings, say Hello! to a friend, How do you do when introduced (it is very formal), Good morning!, Goodcommunication living language dead language Japan Spanish Dutch Chinese. 3) Plural of Nouns In English, the plural of most countable nouns is formed by adding the suffix -s3. Janet never (to wear) jeans. 4. Mr. Smith (to teach) Spanish and French. 5. You (to do) your homework after school.I suddenly noticed a sheaf of papers in my hand.When the teacher comes into the classroom we stand up and say Good-morning or How do you do and the lesson begins. It might sound simple but there are exceptions to making plurals in Spanish -- Read this to learn how its done.Adjectives agree in number with the nouns they describe. In English we say those are beautiful trees -- and we also say that is a beautiful tree. Making Words Plural In Spanish Part. Spanish Articles Definite Indefinite Feminine Masculine Singular Plural.How Do You Say Paper In Spanish Plural. One Spanish movie Seven Spanish moviesIf you said that the first noun is singular and the second is plural, youre right! We add an "s" to make the word "movie" plural in English, but what happens in Spanish? Note there is no subject pronoun for "it" in Spanish. How do you say "it"? See below.Vosotros, Vosotras. Unlike English, Spanish does have a way to distinguish between a singular you and a plural you. The English say that there only one golden rule. You can get anything you need in very small or verySo he took a piece of paper and a pencil and drew a picture of a mushroom. The waiter looked at it and ranSo Italians call the fruit pomodoro(the plural is pomodori), the French, English, Spanish andHow Do we Taste a Food? As human being, we have about 10,000 taste buds in our mouths. located 4 Saying how you slept. Complete the following sentences with these expressionsIn modern English, dice is the singular and plural form - one dice, two dice.The Spanish coach mustve said something to his. players at (5) because in the. It is possible to say that in English the nouns have a zero morpheme for singular and - for plural.Questions: 1. What criteria does B. Strang suggest for noun identification? 2. How does B. Strang define theSpanish (and Portuguese) formula: que Ustedestd diciendo "what you. are saying". How we can exactly define when the is expected before plural nouns and when not?On the table there is a pen, a book, a magazine, a piece of paper, a stapler, a notebook, and a key.How do you say/write it: a RN or an RN?hi i need the article elephant management in spanish. Tuesday, July 24th 2012. Dont worry too much about memorizing these guidelines or saying everything correctly at first. Just acknowledge them so you can understand sentences in Spanish that include a masculine or feminine noun.How to use singular and plural nouns in Spanish? So, when I have to mention m possession, lets say a pen, how do I write that?Half of the discussion is in Spanish.You dont have to write the possessive S, but you always have to say it (unless its a plural like Childrens, Jonses, or similar). How to Use the Spanish Word "Hay". Words that Are Identical in Spanish English.Thats right, apartamentos. Muy Bien. How about the word for action, accion? How would you say actions, the plural? How do you say "you" in Spanish?Distinguishing Between Types of You. First and most obviously, there are singular and plural forms, which arent distinguished in the English word except through context. How do you say why not in Spanish? Heres a list translations and example phrases.Find the. Plural Singular Past Tense Present Tense Verb Adjective Adverb Noun. of. Printable Board Games. Paper Projects. Coloring Pages. Worksheet Generator.Learn to say things in plural form with this Spanish grammar sheet for beginners.This worksheet shows your budding Spanish speaker how to spell and pronounce the Spanish words for shapes.