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Single Post. Home » SEO » Add ALT Text Title to Images in WordPress: SEO Friendly Blog Images.Related Posts. Free NoFollow-DoFollow Link Checker Tools [Tested].We cover guides related to WordPress, SEO, Make money online, Social media marketing, Digital marketing, Affiliate In one of the recent WordPress updates they updated the way the Insert Link works in the post editor where previously it had a field for adding the link title attribute now it has a field for altering the link text. This makes it much harder to add your link tittle attribute (must be done in text mode). Look in the post meta data section, the post details found under or over the post title or the bottom of the post.There are also WordPress Widgets to feature Author Gravatars, links, and posts.The author name is the usernmane of the author, which makes choosing an appropriate username critical Out of the box, WordPress really doesnt give you much leniency except customizing the CSS for your widget title. You cant make it several different fonts, or get HTML to work.Hi Nile , I always wondered how to link the widget title. Thanks for the post. If you only need it in your Blog Posts Index, then create a home.php template file, and put it there. That way, your post titles are not impacted in other contexts. Youll probably want to use some fallback in case postbookmarkurl isnt set. You can even add a description and publish the post. With these codes you will have a Custom field by which you can make your post title directed towards an external URL.These are the two ways by which you can link WordPress post title to an external link. Get the book ». Custom Fields for HTML Post Titles.3 Ways to Reset the WordPress Loop.

Fun Edit Posts Link ().Just would make ur site look a little cleaner. TeMc. Today, Ill show you that how can we make the traditional beautiful WordPress posts loop.Third part is the call of the post title.5- Adding Read More and Comment link to the WordPress post Loop You will be using a custom filed hack to allow your WordPress blog to link to an external resource from the post title.Once youve activated this plugin, just create a new post and make sure the right screen options are selected. If 2 then, besides there being a lot of variables to consider, will require capturing the post content, extracting the href value of the link and manually making a new post title link (read: way too much work for something I dont see as useful). So how do you limit a post title in WordPress so it automatically takes care of the title length being showed on your page? Are titles getting out of control on your WordPress site? Make them automatically shorter with these simple tricks. Countless searches and unsuccessful edits on how to remove page title in WordPress can literally consume your day leaving you worn out and exhausted. Coding can break or make your day.

While you already had your breaking part Use short links with focus keywords. By default, wordpress generate links base on post title, but you can change this link. I recommend to use short links, delete different stop words from links (such as a, the, etc), make sure that your url has focus keyword for post. How to Hide Your WordPress Titles on Pages or Posts.The template Im talking about would have to have been specially made. February 27, 2013, 12:49 pm February 27, 2013, 12:49 pm: Link to comment. You can easily link a post title on your WordPress site to an external URL. First, add this code to the functions.php file of your WordPress themeTo create a post whose title links to an external page, go to post edit screen and enter the post title as usual. Thanks! Is there a way to use this code to make a link from a button on a page to the most recent category?Pingback: How to add a "Latest Post" link to my Wordpress nav menu.did you find a shortcode to do this? Im trying to embed latest blot post title and link on my home page but not in There are two ways to make internal links from one content page to another in WordPress.To link to a Post, find the ID of the target post on the Posts administration panel, and insert it in place of the 123 in this link: Post Title.

How to make post title a link so that when someone clicks on it then the full post can be seen? While developing a WordPress theme, you should take care of this term.Make Post title A Link Using The WordPress Permalink Function. Using link TITLE attributes has become more popular since the rise of such widely used scripts as WordPress, which by default duplicates the post title link indont put too much weight on the title attributes as not all screen readers may render it ( make sure either surrounding text or anchor text addthemesupport( post-thumbnails ) Wordpress has a built-in function you can call from the post loop to display the featured image.Wptitle In WordPress 4.4. Display Content For Registered Only Users In WordPress. Create Your Own Pagination Links. This little snippet will make the widget title clickable. If you are not comfortable with coding then you can also achieve the same result by using plugins like Widget Title Links.Recent Posts. How to Bulk Import Users in WordPress. The best solution is to use the WP Nofollow Post plugin for WordPress. This plugin will add a nofollow tag to all links on a post or page or both. The settings page, however, lets you exclude certain URLs from getting the nofollow tag. [Source: Digging into WordPress]. 4. Limit search to post titles only.If you didnt make it that way, the filter would also run in your back end and these posts wont be shown on post overview.Remember to enter your words/links as shown in the example code below. Note: For a much easier method of accomplishing the task of customizing page titles as well as post titles skip this article and read the following: Customizing WordPress page and post titles. Question: How can I give a descriptive title to a page, that appears at the top of that page when viewed addthemesupport( post-thumbnails ) But as I have mentioned in this post title, Our main objective is to show Previous and Next Post Thumbnail on text linkSuggested Similar Articles. How to show related posts of Custom post Type. How to make equal height column in WordPress Final solution. Click on the title of the post or page you want your highlighted text to link to, and the URL and Title of your selected item willIf you want, you can also format your internal links (e.g. make the link bold, italicized, add a background color, etc ) using the format buttons in your WordPress visual editor To show a post summary simply use theexcerpt() below post title.Previous Post How to Create Featured Posts Section in WordPress. Next Post Show Post Byline (Post Author, Post Published Date, Category) or Post Meta Data With Link. Do you want to link your WordPress page or post/title to an external URL? By doing this, you make your website visitors think they can click to view the contect of your WordPress post before they actually open it. Arent all post titles links? No, not always. A few WordPress Themes and many other blogging tools set the link to the full version of the post, known as the single post view, in a permalink or in theIn order to make the link to the post meet accessibility web standards, we need to add a title to the link. To make the WordPress title link to an external URL instead of the actual post or page, you can use custom variables for a scalable and pluggable solution. There are two ways to make internal links from one content page to another in WordPress.The Page ID is revealed as part of the URL in the form of "?post15", and that URL is displayed in the browser status bar by hovering the mouse over the Page Title of the target Page in the Pages Screen. WordPress, the content management system I use to run the site, creates a page for each post, and by default the post titles always link to the post page. This makes sense for lengthy articles If I am unsure about the title of a post, I will just make sure the post slug is ok and then change the title later .I am trying to change them to the post name option, but when I do some of my blog post links do not work and cannot be found. In this post, we will try experimenting with WordPress featured images by placing different kind of texts on them.Adding Featured Posts with Thumbnails and Post Titles.I am looking for the code to display the image when hover the mouse on the text( link) Can you please help me to make it? We all know that the blog post title is what attracts a reader to click on the link.Remember that title of your post is what makes people read the post.WordPress Ping List for Faster Indexing Of New Post. Not you can change the id and title in the tag to suit your needs. Section 1.Posted in Blog, How To and tagged anchors, links, WordPress.Great article, John! I built Anchor Links, a free Chrome Extension that makes this process easier and very straightforward. FaceBook automatically embeds a particular image and title when you post a link in a FB post.How To Make Images into Links on WordPress (clickable image links) - Продолжительность: 3:04 Lets Build WordPress 33 076 просмотров. By default, the post titles are linked to the single post, and by adding this filter they are linked toApply to All Imported Posts. OPTION 1: The filter below will make post titles link to the originalreturn array( 23, 49, 11 ) NOTE: The filter is run in a WordPress Loop, meaning functions such as By default, WordPress will place post and page titles above your content.Fortunately, its easy to learn how to remove a page title in WordPress. One of the easiest ways to remove the title consists of never entering one to begin with. WordPress post title link - open in new tab. 1. How to search in WordPress content instead of title only.Make Zero From First n Numbers. What makes the thorium-229 nuclear transition special? What exactly is the intuition behind the formula for conditional probability? Page Links To Plugin: Link Post Title to Any External URL.With this plugin, you can easily link a Post Title of your WordPress blog to any external/internal URL. At first Install Activate Page Links To Plugin by going to Plugins >> Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Link to parent: Method 1. This technique is nice and simple, but makes a mess in markup because of WordPress out-of-control auto-added markup attributesattachment getqueriedobject() parenturl getpermalink(attachment-> postparent) parenttitle getpost(attachment Plugin 5: Sort Category Posts by Title. Update (2012 03 09): 404 link removed plugin mia.USP Pro The Tao of WordPress .htaccess made easy. Ive googled around to see how this can be achieved and found ordpress external links plugin I gave a go of the plugin, but pitily I couldnt make itI used the HTML >a href"" as a title and it appeared this simple method prooved working ) Here is a small screenshot, from wordpress Add New Post dialog. Method 1: Linking Post Title to an External Link in WordPress using Plugin.25 Legit Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress. Self Hosted WordPress.org vs. Free WordPress.com [Infograph]. You might also like these useful .htaccess snippets hacks, these WordPress SQL Query Snippets, or these snippets that make WordPress user-friendlyThen you add a custom field named url and in the value field put the link to which the title is to be redirected to. Redirect to Single WordPress Post Just move the mouse over the «Edit» link or over the post title in admin area and then look at the browser status bar (bottom left part of the3. Add the Post ID column to the WordPress Posts Table .It is also possible to change column width, to place if before the post title or to make it sortable. We have now made use of two additional WordPress functions, thetitle() and thecontent().What about linking to each individual post so that we can view a post on its own rather than as part of just the homepage. EngageWP. Professional WordPress development services, and awesome WordPress contentNext, we need to add the icon before the post titles and make sure that the post and icon areHi! This looks like just what I need—Ive used the Page Links To plugin to redirect post titles to open a Enter a post in the wordpress.org support forum for Post to Post Links II, and Ill respond there.Fork the Post to Post Links II repository on github and make a code contribution.text (optional): provides text for the link (if you leave it out, the title of the post, tag, or category will be used).