window.parent.opener.location is null or not an object





window.opener.location.href window.opener.location.href window.close()I tried both, but I got "window.opener.reload is null or not an object". Please note that this may cause problems if the parent page was produced as a result of POSTing a form. opener.location is null or not an object - any ideas why? all i need to do is just send a refresh or reload back to the parent window. window.parent vs. window opener. Posted April 20, 2011. Javascript. I was banging my head against the wall last night trying to get window.parent.location to work and it turns out that window.opener.location is what I wanted to use. Instalen el APK del juego.


parent is null or not an object-linux output error to null. Meanwhile i make the whole webpage as transparent and when the user close the alert message then I close the popup webpage and refresh the parent webpage. In Fireforx, it is working fine but, i am getting exception when I testing in IE. exception in IE " window.opener.location is null or not an window.opener.location.reload() and also parent.location.relaod() window. opener.location.href"default.aspx" but those all not working get the error message window.opener is null or not ab object same for all if change to But the problem is while passing value from child(aspx form page) to parent which is a content page of a masterpage. The error i get is window. opener is null or not an object . Any solution for this error? alternate methods are welcomed! Unable to get value of the property location: object is null or undefined. alert( window.opener) returns null in IE 9.I think I have got it now. Add an eventhandler in your parent window to your childs unload event. var win"ChildPage.aspx") For years I have been using the JavaScript?"window.opener.location.reload()" to refresh a parent window when a popup window has made changes to a database.Error: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property children: object is null or undefined from response. this url is actually belongs to my parent web. child will close its self and parent will.typeof(Page), "Close", "window.opener.location.replace(" url ") window.close()", true)"SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property location: object is null or undefined". But in IE its throwing the error "Error. par.document.bkup.slSourceList[] is null or not an object". this is